So why actually do the pre engagement/ wedding shoot?

Some people may think holding an engagement shoot on top of the actual wedding day is over the top. However it is actually a great opportunity to get to know your photographer personally and for the photographer to get to know you too.


It allows us to document your love story through capturing stunning visuals in locations that hold a deep emotional connection to you as a couple. It helps you and your photographer to decide which angle you look your best, and to get comfortable in front of the camera so that on your big day you will have full confidence in them to capture the moments perfectly. Pre-engagement photos also make fantastic gifts for your friends and family before the weddings.


Where We Draw Inspiration

We are avid social media addicts when it comes to looking for inspiration to help track down current trends. We are hooked on 500px, Pinterest, and even Instagram. In some cases we take inspiration from the work of others, experts in the market, and try to apply our own vision to the photoshoot. I personally love the shooting style of Jessica Drossin, and Lisa Holloway. The soft quality of the background blur (bokeh) is just so eye-pleasing and perfectly draws the user to the subject. My personal favourite Wedding Photographers in the world are Ryan Brenizer based in the US with a focus on the editorial style, and Jeff Ascough a UK wedding photographer who specializes in the documentary, black and white, style.


How I Personally Approach Pre Wedding/ Engagement Shoots

Once I’ve decided on a specific theme, we begin the search for appropriate locations, in the UK, that would best fit our clients’ needs and my personal vision, most end up choosing locations important to them as couple. After consulting our couples we begin the planning phase – checking optimum weather conditions via the met office and consulting the Doppler radar over the region, selecting the optimum time of day, for both images and to the convenience of our couples.

Choosing the time of day is critical as you generally want a soft even light which is best done in the early morning or late evening. The use of a web app called ‘The Photographer’s Ephemeris’  is my personal favourite, as it helps me to pinpoint the optimum spot in our chosen location to catch the right light. This is ideal in the planning stage, especially when you’ve never been to the region.