Wedding Film Packages

Some more details about our process, prices and what our packages can include.

Our Process

Cinematography is often called the art of moving photography. Cinematographers or videographers takes raw emotion and turns it into a picture, thousands of emotions, details, thoughts and expression can be found in the best films. It is important because without it, the story couldn’t be told as fully. 

Wedding cinematography is the next natural step in telling your story for the world (friends and family) and to cherish your special day / keepsake for years to come.



Picking the right package for you is all about what is most important to you.

Our packages have a range of different things they include, so we have also included more information on what these differences mean for you in real terms.

How do we approach your wedding?


  • Pre Wedding Consultation Meeting (this is our opportunity to meet you before the day of the event. We’ll run through items like logistics on the day, any special features you want highlighted and creative style for film.)
  • On-site Film Team  (we always work with a minimum of two cinematographers as this allows us to capture multiple moving angles as well as keeping an eye on crucial tech elements like audio capture, lighting, static cameras etc)
  • On-site Logistics (we’ll plan this with you during the consultation meeting with the aim to maximise our time with you on the day. For events with multiple locations we will need to ensure travel between venues is planned with enough time to set up key equipment on arrival)
  • Filming Equipment (we use a whole variety of equipment in order to capture the best possible footage on the day. These include different cameras for slow-motion, low light, portability, as well as filming tools like gimbals, drones, tripods etc. We use lighting to make sure venues are well lit, and audio capture devices to get the best possible audio feed from speeches and vows etc.)
  • Post Production (the initial task is to send you a copy of the full ceremony and speeches in order for you to pick out the best bits to include in the The Film. While you’re doing this, we get cracking on The Trailer. With both videos, we will aim to have a finished product within three drafts. The first is the rough cut, here you can make large changes such as music, structure and shots. The second draft we ask for minor changes such as cutting a clip shorter or changing the colour grade on a shot. The third draft should be the final version ready for you to enjoy and share.



Additional Extras:

All prices include VAT.

  • Extra USB’s 
  • Additional USB’s with all of the high quality films and photographs on.
  • – £36.00
  • Hard Drive Footage
  • All the original footage, unedited un-colour graded.
  • – £300.00
  • Speedy Editing
  • Reduce the editing time for your wedding by an agreed time frame so you can receive your photos and wedding films sooner.
  • – £500.00

Getting Married?

Thinking of getting married and need breath taking photography and videography of your wedding?