I live to take amazing wedding photos. For me it was a natural progression from general event photography. As more and more friends expressed an interest in our reportage/ documentary style I became more interested in Wedding Photography. As a result my journey started from there. Like myself many of our photographers started out with a sports photography background. This type of event is fast paced and having the ability to capture the key moments in a split second is crucial. So this gave us a good grounding for Wedding Photography.

I really love being a wedding photographer.

The first wedding I did was extremely daunting as we were aware that we only have one chance to get it right. This meant there was immense pressure to capture every moment perfectly. After doing an amazing job, there was no greater feeling than seeing our couples’ excitement when they received our images. With the knowledge that our work will be enjoyed for generations to come it spurred us on to create the brand, dgtl Couture. Although the big day is a very stressful time for all involved. From the couple to the planner and even our wedding photographers and videographers. But it is also a highly rewarding experience to witness the love and joy between two people. And then for us to document all the emotions with the highest level of artistic ability.

How we prepare for the Wedding Photos?

Before I approach any wedding I make sure to consult with the couple on what kind of photography style they like best. After all in the field of wedding photography there are many influential photographers to draw inspiration from. Some of our favorites include Ryan Brenizer a NYC based photographer whose work is very artistic and usually in an urban setting. Another is Joe McNally a national geographic photographer whose documentary style inspires millions to make the ordinary extraordinary. Once we have decided on a style, a pre-wedding shoot is a fantastic opportunity to get used to being in front of the camera. It is also a good way of seeing what your photos will look like on the day.

An amazing artistic image from the great Ryan Brenizer

Why should you have a wedding planner?

Whilst it is perfectly reasonable to want to play a big role in the planning of your own wedding day. It is undeniable that this can be a stressful experience if you are having to do so yourself on your big day. We find that when the bulk of the work is left to a professional wedding planner couples tend to be more relaxed. This means we are able to capture more Amazing Wedding Photos. Since we are capturing the day from a candid reportage style, often you will not see us taking the photo of you. This means we are able to capture all the natural moments of emotion on your big day. Indeed above all else our desire is to capture you and your significant other at your happiest. Having a planner will help to mitigate your stress levels ensuring that you will be relaxed and free to enjoy your big day and focus on the details that actually matter which the knock on effect enables us to create photos you will cherish for a life time. IMG_1299

Decorations make for amazing wedding photos and memories!

We love the small details as much as the general emotions of the big day. Being able to focus on rustic décor, glowing lanterns, a beautiful floral arrangement gives that personalised touch which helps us to tell your story. The details you chose to include can bring out wonderment and it sets the stage for a truly romantic story. Although just be careful not to let it become too overwhelming – find the right balance that is you. ashsuzwedding-29

Choose the right Venue for Amazing Wedding Photos!

Many of our couples have dreamed of their wedding all their lives. Most couples we’ve had the pleasure of working with, dream of that fairy tale wedding set either in a beautiful English manor or villa in Tuscany. It is arguably the single most important decision that you will need to make on your wedding journey and a very important factor behind Amazing Wedding Photos.A wedding toast - dgtl Couture Wedding Photography Selecting a venue that has a warm friendly team will help to make your day a true success. Look for a team that has a vested interest in making sure your day runs smoothly. Select a venue that is convenient for your guests to get to, are there hotels nearby? etc Spaces that have a history to them is a bonus in terms of photography. Especially those venues with large windows that will help bring in the much needed light to make for some truly elegant images during the bridal and groom prep.

Venues such as Leez Priory in Essex make for striking images leez priory www.leez-priory.co.uk

Venues such as Leez Priory in Essex make for striking images leez priory www.leez-priory.co.uk

Venues that cater to large open spaces for ceremonies help our wedding videographers capture stunning visuals from the air. By using our state of the art DJI drones we can tell the story from every angle. On the other hand venues that have intimate indoor spaces make for good opportunities too. Things like beautiful staircases will make for some incredible photos from our wedding photographers. drone-shot-suz-ash-weddingFor the reception having a venue with great lighting will create stunning visuals. Especially for the first dance and help us capture your happy guests dancing the night away. img_4419

Just have fun, be natural on your wedding day.

All said and done we want to capture you celebrating the best day of your life. So the best possible way to have great wedding photos is to just have fun. We aim to capture the happy moments, the tears of joy, the anxieties and the general moods. Great photographers will see all of these real, and meaningful reactions throughout the day. Providing us with a beautiful story that will be reflected through our images. From the father giving away the bride to the moment you say ‘I do’. Emotions will be running high and we want to be there for all of it.