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Who are we ?

Who are dgtl Couture

We have one simple purpose and that is to make you both look fantastic on your big day. Drawing on our experience as a creative agency we have hand crafted our services to make sure our focus is all about you. Unlike freelance creatives, we are not simply trying to push the boundaries of art, but carefully tailoring the images and videos we produce to capture the beautiful celebration of love that is your big day.

Our aim is to take your treasured moments, emotions and guests and showcase them in a timeless and masterfully curated set of galleries and albums. Let us tell your love story before, on and after your big day with our broad range of pre-engagement photography, wedding day photography and videography.

What we do ?


Getting married can be a both magical yet daunting experience, we aim to make it one step easier by making booking a wedding photographer and videographer a breeze. We like to meet you at either our office or place of choosing and get to know you both as a couple. We then learn about your big day and tailor our coverage to make it truly memorable.

Once you choose a package and secure your date after a small booking fee we get to work to plan the shoot no matter how far in advance. Choose from a broad range of services designed to help make your big day extra special.

Wedding Photography

Our focus is on You!

We know that weddings are all about joy, excitement and sorrow. What ever the moment, what ever the emotion we are here to capture it with breath taking photography. Incorporating different coverage styles and art styles to achieve a truly unique and unforgettable collection of memories.

Pre Wedding Photography

A great way to tell your love story!

Our pre-engagement photography is the perfect opportunity to document your love story through capturing stunning visuals in locations that are important to you as a couple. It is a great chance to get used to being in front of the camera and for us to learn more about you as a couple in preparation for your big day. Pre-engagement photos also make fantastic gifts for friends and family before the weddings.

Wedding Videography

Timeless Video of your big day!

Our wedding Videography is a timeless preservation of your big day, capturing the moments you will treasure for ever. It is a perfect accompaniment to your wedding photos. If a picture is speaks a thousand words then our videos speaks millions, tell your love story the best way possible.


Why should you choose us for your big day?


Our diverse coverage styles and art styles allow you to tell a truly magical story to last a lifetime. Choose from options such as contemporary, artistic and cinematic or whether you want documentary, traditional or both types of coverage. Our ultimate aim is to make you look incredible in the photos you will cherish for a lifetime.


Our aim with every couple is to make it all about you. We want to bring your special day to life just the way you always envisaged it from the day you said yes. We want to bring every detail, every moment, every memory and every emotion to life through photography and film


With a large team and broad range of equipment behind us we can accommodate a broad range of times, dates and locations giving you peace of mind that a world class photographer will without fail be covering your special day.


Your wedding photographs are an investment in memories that will last a lifetime. They are completely priceless and an unrepeatable record, and story of your special day. However we are still able to deliver a competitive range of high class packages to accommodate all budgets. All our packages come with comprehensive features as standard.


The Magicians


Our diverse and skilled team have years of experience in photography and videography and they are dedicated to making you and your guests look fabulous.

Sam Wordsworth
Sam Wordsworth

Managing Director - dgtl

Atilla Arslan
Atilla Arslan


Martin Sylvester
Martin Sylvester

Brand Manager - Lead Photographer

Matt Greenwell
Matt Greenwell

Head of Production

Getting Married?

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